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Nesting Glasses Set

Nesting Glasses Set

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Our thin drinking glasses are brilliantly engineered and made of crystal glass. They come in four different shapes, creating a playful design concept with both unity and individuality. This also means that they’re not your average stacking glasses. Instead, you nest them inside each other to minimise storage.

Despite having different dimensions, the glasses share the exact same 290 ml volume. Perfect for water, mocktails, cocktails – or as a glass gift set.

100% dishwasher safe.

Included in the box: 4 x 290 ml glasses


Glass Dimensions:

• Glass 1 - H: 6.6 cm ø: 8.3 cm
• Glass 2 - H: 7.8 cm ø: 7.6 cm
• Glass 3 - H: 9.3 cm ø: 6.9 cm
• Glass 4 - H: 11.3 cm ø: 6.3 cm

Materials: Crystal glass
Weight: 535 g
Manufactured in: Slovakia

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