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Nesting Carafe & Mixing Spoon

Nesting Carafe & Mixing Spoon

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Our thin, crystal-glass carafe is paired with a sleek, stainless-steel cocktail mixing spoon. By combining durable materials and sophisticated design, we’ve created a duo that is ready to upgrade your kitchenware, home bar, and dinner table for years to come. Ideal for everyday refreshments.

Pro tip: Buy the Nesting Carafe & Mixing Spoon together with the Aarke Nesting Glasses Set. The glasses share the same silhouette as the carafe’s top, and the second-widest Nesting Glass will fit perfectly as a beautiful and practical carafe lid.

Dishwasher safe.

Included in the box:
• Crystal glass carafe
• Steel mixing spoon


Carafe: crystal glass
Mixing spoon: stainless steel

Dimensions: H: 24 cm ø: 9.5 cm V: 1.1 L
Weight: 540 g
Manufactured in: Slovakia

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