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FAQ and Troubleshooting

Which types of gas cylinder work with the Aarke Carbonator Pro?

Please note that standards in Australia and New Zealand are different, and Carbonators sold in these countries are not compatible with EU, US, or Asian cylinders. In Australia and New Zealand we recommend the widely available Australian Sodastream blue cylinders 400-425g/60L with the screw thread connector (not the Sodastream Quick Connect pink cylinders).

Can the Aarke Glass Bottle Pro be used with Carbonator 3?

No. The glass bottle is designed to be used solely with the Carbonator Pro. The glass bottle is not compatible with Carbonator 3.

The reason is that any product involving the use of gas and pressure systems in combination with glass, requires a chamber covering the glass bottle during the carbonation process. The Carbonator 3 does not have a chamber (since it is not necessary for a sparkling water makers developed for a PET bottle). A glass bottle should never be used in the Carbonator 3!

Can your glass bottle be used with glass bottle carbonators from other brands?

No. The Aarke Glass Bottle Pro is designed for, and can only be used with, the Aarke Carbonator Pro.

Does the Aarke Glass Bottle Pro have an expiration date?

No. As long as the bottle’s structural integrity is intact, and it doesn’t have any cracks or damages, it can be used without regard to any expiration date.

Can the glass bottle be cleaned in the dishwasher?

Yes, you can clean the Aarke Glass Bottle Pro in the dishwasher. It can withstand a temperature of up to, and including, 70° C, so please do not use a dishwasher program with a higher temperature than that.

Is the Aarke glass bottle safe to use for carbonating water?

Yes, it is. The Aarke Glass Bottle Pro is specifically designed for carbonating water with the Carbonator Pro. The Carbonator Pro is engineered with a stainless-steel, reinforced enclosure covering the bottle during carbonation – and has four independent safety features inside the machine, for guaranteed safety.

Please do not use bottles from other brands with the Carbonator Pro, since they were not designed, tested, and approved for safe use with our machine.

What is the difference between Carbonator 3 and Carbonator Pro?

Carbonator 3 is a sparkling water maker with a PET bottle. The Carbonator Pro is designed and engineered for carbonating water with a glass bottle and is therefore equipped with a protective stainless-steel cover. Compare our Carbonator 3 and Carbonator Pro models here.

Is there a way to increase the level of carbonation in my water?

Yes. Once you have pressed down the cover to encapsulate the glass bottle, you push the top button to carbonate. To add more bubbles, just push the button again – and a third time to increase the level of carbonation even more.

Can I carbonate other liquids than water with the Carbonator Pro?

No. Carbonator Pro is designed for carbonating water only. Carbonating any liquids other than water can damage the machine’s mechanisms. Therefore, please only carbonate pure water – and add flavourings, fruit, or ice in a separate container after the carbonation, e.g., in a carafe or a glass.

Can the Aarke Glass Bottle Pro still be used if it has a scratch?

No. You should never carbonate with a damaged bottle. Before carbonating your water, make sure the bottle is intact and without any scratches or cracks. If you are unsure of the bottle's condition, please reach out to our Support Team and we will help you with this.

Do glass bottles hold carbonation better than plastic bottles?

Yes. Since glass is a more dense and impermeable material than plastic, it has the ability to hold carbonation even better.

What length is the AU/NZ warranty?

All Aarke products are backed with a 2 year warranty via our Sydney based distributor.