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Carbonator 3 Care Guide

Is the gas cylinder included with my Carbonator purchase?

No, gas cylinders are not included with the purchase of the Aarke Carbonator.

Which types of gas cylinder work with the Aarke Carbonator?

Please note that standards in Australia and New Zealand are different, and Carbonators sold in these countries are not compatible with EU, US, or Asian cylinders. In Australia and New Zealand we recommend the widely available Australian Sodastream blue cylinders 400-425g/60L with the screw thread connector (not the Sodastream Quick Connect pink cylinders).

Where can I buy or refill a gas cylinder?

In Australia and New Zealand 400-425g/60L gas cylinders are widely available at appliance retailers and at supermarkets which typically offer an exchange programme, simply return your empty cylinder and exchange for a full one.

What are the differences between Carbonator 2 and Carbonator 3?

The Carbonator 3 features an updated internal safety valve system and new stainless steel accents like the precision nozzle, CNC-machined from a single piece of steel to produce a smooth and controlled spray beam.

Does the Carbonator need electricity to work?

No outlet needed--our carbonators are cordless and electricity-free.

My Carbonator 3 has weak gas flow. What should I do?

If you use extremely cold water with your Carbonator, the water can react with the gas to cause a build-up of ice at the nozzle. To remove the ice, pump the lever up and down a few times without fully releasing.

My Carbonator 3 isn’t making the buzzing noise anymore. Is there something wrong?

A lack of the buzzing noise doesn’t necessarily indicate that something is broken. Occasionally you won’t hear the sound due to heat, cold, or different pressure. If you still hear the safety valve opening and air releasing from under the drip tray, your water is still fully carbonating.

I can see water spurting from my Carbonator 3, what does that mean?

Always be sure to fill to the marked water line on the PET bottle. Otherwise, the water could end up inside the machine. Over time, this might damage the carbonator.

Is there any way to increase the level of carbonation in my water?

You can pump the lever an unlimited number of times to achieve more carbonated water. We recommend 1-3 pumps for best carbonation results. Cheers!

Are there any glass bottles that are compatible with the Carbonator 3?

No, PET bottles are currently the only option. Water carbonation in a glass bottle would require a solid case protecting the bottle in case of breakage (due to improper use, defect, crack or anything compromising the material).

Glass bottles should never be used in any sparkling water maker that doesn’t have a protective chamber covering the bottle during carbonation. This applies to our Carbonator 2 and 3, which is why it’s crucial not to use any other bottles than the PET bottle provided.

What length is the AU/NZ warranty?

All Aarke products are backed with a 2 year warranty via our Sydney based distributor

PET Water Bottles

Is the Aarke PET Water Bottle recyclable?

Yes. At the end of its lifetime you can unscrew the bottom metal part, remove the cap and recycle the components separately.

Why does the bottle have expiration date?

Our PET bottle has an expiration date for safety reasons. By its expiration date, the bottle’s plastic may be weakened from use and should be replaced.

Is PET plastic safe to use for drinking water?

Yes. We only use food-grade, virgin PET. This means that our bottles are non-toxic, BPA-free and do not contain any harmful chemicals. Our bottles have also been tested and approved according to the German LFGB standard, California Prop 65 and FDA CFR 21.

Why can't the bottle be cleaned in the dishwasher?

Though the Aarke PET Bottle is engineered to be extremely durable, it can only withstand a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Most dishwashers operate at extremely high temperatures, placing the structural integrity of the bottle at risk.

Therefore, the bottle should be washed manually and never placed in the dishwasher.

How do I wash the bottle effectively to keep it clean and odorless?

The best way to clean your Aarke PET Water Bottle is by using clean lukewarm water and a mild detergent. If using a dishwashing brush, please make sure it is intended for cleaning plastic bottles.

Once washed, store the bottle with its cap off.

What is the capacity of Aarke PET Water Bottle?

Our bottle has a special marked filling line to help avoid excess water flowing into the spill tray during carbonation.

The capacity of the bottle up to the filling line is 800 ml and this is how much water can be carbonated at once. The capacity of the whole bottle equals approximately one litre.

The capacity of the Small PET Water Bottle up to the filling line is 450 ml and this is how much water can be carbonated at once. The capacity of the whole bottle equals 650 ml.