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Drink Mixer

Drink Mixer

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Aarke Drink Mixers provide an effortless mixing experience with the perfect twist of flavour. Made to bring home mixing to new heights of vibrant flavour—simply add sparkling water for a perfectly refreshing mocktail and a splash of your favourite liquor if you prefer a cocktail.

Housed in recyclable glass, they're made to be right at home on any countertop alongside the Aarke Carbonator.


Yuzu Basil: With flavour of Yuzu and Thai basil and a hint of coconut. A trendy flavour combination found in the contemporary restaurant and craft bar scene.

Bitter Orange: A bittersweet taste symphony of orange, grapefruit and hibiscus. Inspired by bitter aperitifs with an Aarke flavour twist.

Spruce Tonic: Timeless with a fresh green flair. Tonic with added taste of spruce shoots for a Scandinavian touch.

Spicy Ginger: Deliciously balanced sweet and spice. The perfect choice for any spice lover.


Volume: 350 ml, makes about 15 drinks.

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